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Zen Warship’s debut album “Anything That Grooves” is an exciting blend of funk, rock, soul and disco with lyrics that make you think. The album title pays tribute to their core ideal of creating music in any genre that at its core is dancy, funky, and groovy.

The album features 10 songs that draw on classic sounds like Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Parliament Funkadelic, Chaka Khan, the Clash, and many others but feels fresh, powerful and new.

The rhythm section featuring Phil Marnell on drums, Roberto Giberti on bass, and Tyler Moselle on guitar produces propulsive and aggressive energy. Catchy horn lines from trumpeters Ben DeVries and Alison Rogers enhance the songs while carving out blistering solos. The richly soulful voice of lead singer Preethy Kolinjivadi sweeps over the band like a spiritual tidal wave. Lyrics ranging from championing historic DC Mayor Marion Barry to the fraught world of online dating to the merits of pluralism draw listeners in to substantively compelling ideas all gracefully crafted by Marnell. The songs were mixed by Tyler Moselle and Tim Lyons and mastered by Sam Rees.

Zen Warship’s album is the perfect way to feel reenergized during an unusually traumatic year. Turn the music on, blast the volume and dance like nobody’s watching. It’s the perfect antidote to the darkness of 2020.

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