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Feel the funk and dance your heart out with Zen

Zen Warship creates grooves that inspire. Entering the Washington D.C. music scene in 2016, the band revels in the enthusiasm fans show on the dance floor for its captivating live sound that blends funk, rock, soul, and disco. With a full album, EP, and several singles released over the last several years, the group continues to evolve in new creative directions. Having honed their craft at many of the DC-area's top music venues and gritty local clubs, Zen Warship is poised to take their unique music to the next level

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Zen Warship’s current lineup : Emre on Drums, Matthew on Trombone, Zack on Saxophone, Mark on Trumpet, Zack on Trumpet, David on Saxophone, Preethy on Vocals, Roberto on Bass, Tyler on Guitar.


Zen Warship’s lineup from 2019-2020: Roberto on bass, Alison on trumpet, Chris on trumpet, Preethy on vocals, Tyler on guitar, Phil on drums, Ben on trumpet

Zen Warship’s lineup from 2016-2018: Tyler on guitar, Richie on trombone, Reuven on drums, Phil on vocals/keys/lyrics, Ben on trumpet, Roberto on bass

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